On the Road to Stormwater Management I.

[10-03-2009] The open-ended course of lectures On the Road to Stormwater Management will reflect on the current situation, future potential and possibilities within SWM implementation in the Czech Republic. The purpose of this cycle is to inform economically and culturally developed countries of the current condition of SWM in the Czech Republic, and of the direction it takes. The first lecture deals with ordinance No. 501/2006 Sb. which is the only one in this country to prescribe SWM implementation in new developments. The reason for focusing on the ordinance in the first lecture is its unsatisfactory wording, and the upcoming amendment containing even more unsatisfactory modifications. The author has been asked to give a critical comment on the amendment, the comment now being presented in the lecture. It is the view of the author that the proposed modifications do not correspond to the current state of the art and do not follow the principles of sustainable development.



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