POST BELLUM is a nongovernmental and non-profit agency founded in 2001. The association’s members are mainly journalists, historians, and students, who record the memories of historically significant groups of the nation – like for example WWII veterans, victims of the holocaust, present-day war veterans, political prisoners of the communist regime in former Czechoslovakia, representatives of the dissent and other important figures of political, cultural, social and academic life in the 20th and 21st century in Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic, respectively.

People In Need

The PIN foundation was established in 1992 by a group of war reporters and foreign correspondents who were no longer satisfied with bringing back information to the Czech Republic; instead, they began sending out aid. It gradually became established as a professional humanitarian organisation focused on providing aid to crisis areas and supporting adherence to human rights around the world. Over the past 20 years, it has grown into one of the biggest non-profit organisations in Central Europe and has also become active in the field of education as well as helping those living in social exclusion.

Bílý kruh bezpečí

Bílý kruh bezpečí provides crime victims and witnesses with professional, free of charge, confidental support including moral and emotional support. Bílý kruh bezpečí is a member of Victim Support Europe since 1996.

The Barriers Account

Main project of Foundation Charter 77. It has been operating for nineteen years already - indeed, it is the oldest continuous foundation project in the Czech Republic. Throughout this entire period, the project has been funded by public fundraising, supported by tens of thousands of donors. The foundation entertains its universally known and transparent account No. 17111444/5500 at Raiffeisenbank. Over the years, this charity fundraiser has been able to maintain a stable base of about 40'000 donors. That said, the Barriers Account certainly does not rest on its laurels and is constantly on the lookout for new donors, by way of its time-tested direct-mail campaign. In this manner, we recruited a second circle of stable donors who have become used to the new account number.


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